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Watch our free woodworking videos or become a member to access our entire library of woodworking videos.
Watch this cabinet making video to help you learn how to install crown molding on cabinets for a classy look throughout your kitchen. Gain all the knowledge you need to build your own fully accessorized workbench with this step-by-step video featuring George Vondriska.
One of the easier woodworking projects you can build yourself is a standing planter box for herbs, fresh vegetables, or flowers. Watch this video and learn how to make a stool seat with a comfortable contour using a rounded router bit and shopmade patterns. Thiel said the concept was expanded in 2014 to video in order to reach a broader audience and teach those who don’t necessarily read the magazine. Perhaps the best way to learn or improve your woodworking skills is to look over the shoulder of a master as he works. There are many ways to learn woodworking and I think making a project is way better than getting bogged down in theory, tool collecting or setting up the ultimate shop.

We are adding a significant chunk of video content to our line-up over the next year or so. The cover project for the upcoming August 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine is like many of the pieces I’ve made for articles. For both beginning and intermediate woodworkers alike, a well-made and intricately customized workbench is a critical tool to ensure efficiency in all your future woodworking projects. With the ability to stream woodworking videos on any mobile device, you can watch woodworking techniques and project instruction while you work. Think a desktop, like the one shown in this video, a tabletop, cabinets, or even some decorative drawers and doors.
In woodworking we call this process “dishing out”– making something concave, like a dish. In this video, you’ll learn how to make wooden furniture legs that are planed to be dimensionally identical.
The owner of Stanton Fine Furniture in Toledo, Ohio, Stanton writes for Popular Woodworking Magazine, was a contributing editor to American Woodworker, and is an instructor and demonstrator at Woodcraft stores.

Viewers can learn more about each project in a free online manual (PDF format) that explains the tools and shows step by step how to do the basic operations. New episodes are free for four weeks and then are uploaded to Popular Woodworking Videos that are available at the magazine’s store. Here you’ll find a wide selection of free woodworking videos including complete woodworking projects, SketchUp tutorials, and reliable woodworking advice and lessons from experts in the field. We are also planning to overhaul and organize the video content that’s already in place, so that discovery of all our outstanding video instruction will be easier and more intuitive!
Whether you prefer hand tools or power tools, contemporary or 18th century furniture designs and woodworking woodworking techniques, you’ll find it here.

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