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I hand-picked a panel of judges to evaluate the stools on a variety of criteria with which I provided them. Sixty-three percent of the judges thought that Chris Salter’s description of his stool was the Most Critical, with the Best Attitude. Judges decided that Jonathan Gunderlach’s wild-looking stool earned the title of Best Representing Hand Work, and awarded him his choice of any 1 semester of The Hand Tool School from The Hand Tool School.
On the international level, 15% of the judges also thought Alexandre Guertin’s stool was the Most Inspiring, so he also earned a Make a Wooden Smoothing Plane with Scott Meek DVD from Scott Meek Woodworks. Naturally, that made his design the Most Inspiring Canadian Stool as well, so he won a Shockwave Drilling & Driving 35-piece Bit Set from Milwaukee Tool, too. Judges also voted his stool as the Second-Best Canadian Stool, so he will receive a  Porter Cable 20V Lithium Ion Drill from Black & Decker. Most Innovative Canadian Design (Shockwave Drilling & Driving 35-piece Bit Set from Milwaukee Tool*). If solid wood is used, the supporting arms of the legs should be made with a separate piece and joined to the leg to avoid a short grain situation which would considerably weaken the stool. Starting tomorrow, I’ll share some of my stool designs (I may end up building three stools during the Shop Stool Build-Off!). If you need some inspiration to get you going, check out the images of various designs of stools I’ve gathered on a Pinterest board.

I (along with a few other dedicated followers) are working to secure some prize sponsors for the Shop Stool Build-Off.
Neil Cronk shared a photo of his very similar-looking stool, which he was also eager to replace, apparently.
I proposed that we have a shop stool build-off and before long, a handful of other woodworkers agreed to join us.
The idea of this build-off is to have a group of woodworkers simultaneously build a shop stool and share pictures along the way.
After the stools are complete, I would like to share everybody’s work here on my blog. In the article, I discuss some basic principles that make a good shop stool, then provide some practical ideas backed up by photos from the Shop Stool Build-Off.
Nearly 750 votes from readers of my blog were tallied and the Shop Stool Build-Off was a success well beyond anything that I had imagined! While I don’t share the same worry, it is something that I will watch for as I build the stool. Some woodworkers I have talked to are already working on designs and expect to do some material prep (including building bending forms) before the big day arrives.
I bought it many years ago from a department store and, while it has served me well, I’ve never been entirely happy with it.

I hope to finish my stool in one day, but the build-off will carry on through Sunday if required.
Others are just going to show up on that day and build a stool, making their decisions on the fly. One great thing about a shop stool is that the design possibilities are endless and the pressure to do the finest work isn’t there (at least for me). The store went through an extensive remodeling several years ago, the main entrance moved, the alignment of the aisles changed, and items became much easier to locate. Any extra time I have after building the stool can be spent sculpting the legs or seat if I choose. November 23, 2015 Opening Weekend November 19, 2015 Honda Holiday Sales Event November 9, 2015 Store Hours:Mon.

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