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Resin sheds are made of a high quality plastic material that makes the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds. Resin sheds are basically maintenance free; they are stain-resistant and UV-protected so they will not crack, fade, rot, or rust, and they never need painting or staining like wood or metal sheds. Purchasing a shed can be a great way to add much needed storage space to your living quarters. We’ve listed the pros and cons of each type of material to help you find which shed is best for you. A wooden shed is the most traditional of the three and can be customised to create a very specific size or shape.  They can be painted any colour to match your house or surroundings, and they can easily be dressed up with unique features such as trellising  or window flower boxes. Security on wooden sheds is usually poor and it is relatively easy for thieves to lever doors open or break glass windows to gain entry. To summarise, wooden sheds are the traditional choice and look attractive in an established garden, however security is a concern and they require ongoing maintenance to look good and stay dry. Depending on where you shop and what manufacturer you are considering, plastic sheds may also be called resin sheds, vinyl sheds, or high-density polyethylene sheds. Plastic sheds are the newest type of sheds on the market and are becoming a popular choice for several reasons.
Plastic sheds are made of a vinyl material that makes the sheds lighter, yet stronger and more durable than wooden sheds. Plastic sheds kits are available in a variety of sizes and from various manufacturers; the far east, USA and middle east are the home of the major producers.
While plastic sheds are strong, they cannot bear much weight hanging from the walls as wooden or metal sheds can.
These sheds are functional but have a “play house” type modern appearance which can be off putting, they cannot be painted and are no more secure than a wooden shed as the locking points are  plastic.
Also they can deteriorate over time as the UV in sunlight breaks down the polymers in the plastic causing them to fade, crack and go brittle. To summarise; plastic sheds are easy to assemble and maintenance free, but poor security and “play house” styling can let them down.
These are a good “all rounder”, although not as attractive as a wooden shed or as easy to assemble as a plastic version, they perform very well in all other areas. Quality is the key word here, there is a huge difference in strength and performance between the cheap end of the metal shed market and the premium ranges.
Due to the number of components you should normally set aside a day to construct a metal shed, but once assembled they require no maintenance, are fire resistant (unlike wooden or plastic sheds) and can outlast other sheds by many years (the best metal sheds have guarantees of 25 years). Metal sheds are not affected by insects or woodworm and are ideal for storing seed or animal feed as they are also rodent proof. Without doubt the higher grade metal sheds offer unrivaled security, so if you have expensive gardening tools or machinery then this is the clear choice for you.

Over the years metals sheds have also become more attractive, although they will never achieve the wooden shed look they can blend into the environment (many manufacturers now produce green metal sheds). To summarise, metal sheds have very few downsides, however they can take a day to construct and the superior quality versions can be expensive.
Share this post:3010As the popularity of garden sheds began rising in the United Kingdom, a debate also formed around determining which type of garden building offered the best value for people’s money.
Perhaps the most significant advantage of steel sheds is that they are cheaper than their wooden counterparts.
A lower weight per package also means that steel sheds are a lot easier to assemble than wooden ones.
This significant durability enables manufacturers and vendors to provide people who buy steel sheds with very long warranties.
If you choose such garden buildings, you will never need to conduct any maintenance on your sheds. Another significant advantage of steel sheds is that they usually do not require foundations.
If you are willing to invest a little more money, you may select a metal shed that comes with a metal base. In terms of security, steel sheds are able to provide increased protection against thieves. When it comes to choosing the garden shed that is just right for you, many factors such as price, size, maintenance and durability may be taken into consideration, all of which are significantly affected by a shed’s material. The traditional wooden shed has been the mainstay of British gardens for hundreds of years. But plastic sheds are not the only alternative to the traditional wooden shed: metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their bargain price tags, the ease with which they can be assembled and the little or no maintenance they require. If gravel is your foundation, a metal shed may not be ideal for storage of items other than lawn equipment. Wooden and steel sheds emerged ahead in this race, and are still the most popular choices for people looking to buy additional storage space for their household.
Ten- to twenty-year warranties are common in the UK, especially if you buy a larger shed from a renowned manufacturer. The galvanised layer protects the metal underneath from the effects of rain and snow, and prevents the formation of rust. Unlike some wooden or plastic sheds, the former usually feature reinforced hinges, which help prevent forced entry. They are also some disadvantages, but then again drawbacks can be found for both wood and plastic. Despite requiring regular maintenance, wooden sheds are easily customised both externally and internally thanks to the flexibility of wood.

Plastic sheds can be used as extremely effective storage spaces, while requiring no regular maintenance. This guide is meant to illustrate the main advantages that come with purchasing steel sheds.
Since budget is a controlling factor in many acquisitions, metal sheds are currently among the most sought-after garden storage options in the UK market. This means that you can deal with moving an entire shed around on your own, if you have no one available to help you.
Metal is not an easy material to damage even if you try, and it provides long life to any structure. The reason why they can afford to provide such a service is that they are aware of the quality and durability of metal. This protective layer also delays the onset of corrosion, and reduces its effects on steel sheds.
If you’re a purist willing to put time, effort and care into your wooden shed, it will be an attractive asset to any garden space. Even plastic sheds feature metal reinforcements in their support structure, due to the resilience the material provides. In order to get the best possible results in the long-run, you should definitely consider buying galvanised steel sheds. If you anchor your steel sheds to a concrete foundations, this issue will be solved, allowing you to ensure that your structures are safe. A timber shed will need to be treated and repainted every year, whereas the metal variety only needs attention every five years or so. While they should be placed in a shaded area, plastic sheds are long lasting, because they come with a high UV resistance and weather proof features. Alternatively, because they’re easy to assemble, very cheap and with the best sizing options available, look past the industrial exterior and a metal shed could be perfect for your garden storage needs. Larger steel sheds will require foundations, which come in handy for anchoring the structures if they are very heavy. Wooden sheds are more prone to burning down if exposed to fire, and plastic ones need much lower temperatures to start deforming and melting.

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