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For crafts involving paper, there is origami, embossing, decoupage, card making, collage and scrap booking just to mention a few. From beginner to journeyman woodworker, the environment at the Wood Craft Center is one of learning, experiencing and succeeding - a place where dreams can be transformed into articles of beauty and quality. Fairchild's Wood Craft Center is a learning place, setting high standards in adult education while making woodworking a simple, economical and gratifying experience.
The graduate of FAFB Wood Craft Program will have successfully produced finished products in each of the novice, intermediate and advanced courses and accomplished high standards of woodshop safety, cleanliness, orderliness and professional woodworking ethics. Description: Entry level wood working course required for Wood Craft Center equipment qualification and prerequisite for most other classes.
This Class is for students who have completed Wood Working Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced and would like to continue with the advanced projects. You've probably noticed the woodcrafting aisle at your local craft store, but it can seem overwhelming to choose a project from among the many options. You've probably seen those fun graphic wall letters in people's homes, and you can use pre-cut wood letters to make your own versions. If you want to get a little more adventurous with your woodcraft projects, you might consider making something from a kit.

Whether you use pre-cut wooden pieces or practice your carpentry skills with a kit, you'll find that woodcrafting opens up a whole new world of projects. There is painting on wood, wood burning, wood turning, wood carving, chip carving, chain saw carving all the way up to cabinet making.
You can weave, embroider, spin, knit, felt or crochet for a few options, or take a t-shirt and jeans and decorate them with thread, beads or a combination of a lot of different items and turn them into a craft project. The degree stipulates that the graduate is skilled in techniques of cabinet-making, fine woodworking, joinery, sanding and finishing; that the graduate has working knowledge and experience in the use of wood shop tools and equipment including the table, radial, band, scroll, power and panel saws, hand jig and circular saws, wood lathe, jointer, planer, shaper and woodworking hand tools. These days, pre-cut wood products make it very easy to create a one-of-a-kind decoration without top-notch carpentry skills. This might include a woodland scene, a fantastical beast, the surface of the moon, or just a pretty flower motif.
Soon, you'll be decorating your woodcrafts with decoupage, wood burning, decorative painting, and other fun crafting techniques.
The other night instead of counting backwards or something as exciting as counting sheep, I thought I would see how many different crafts I could think of.
Some of the wood crafting hobbies can be on the expensive side when you start pricing out some handy tools that you may want, like band saws, scroll saws, table saws and sanders, just to mention a few, and then there are the more affordable ones like the wood burning and carving to get into.

If you don’t have time for classes our experienced staff can produce most custom work or wood repairs.
It also states that the graduate has proven proficient in the production of wood products using a variety of joining methods including dowel, dado, rabbet, tongue and groove, biscuit, dovetail and cabinet door joints. Once basic woodworking skills are acquired students have the lifelong ability to produce household furniture and products to use during their leisure. I suppose I should explain what crafts I am talking about, it's not the boats, ships or any type of vessel known as a craft and it's not crafty people such as devious ones or ones skilled in trickery, although most people that enjoy doing it are definitely skilled, it's the art in making decorative or practical objects by hand that I'm referring to. There must be thousands when you start thinking of all the different mediums that are available, such as fabric, wood, metal, leather, rocks, glass, clay and paper to just mention a few..

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