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If you have decided on taking a power supply to an outdoor shed, you might need to decide whether to run it overhead or take it underground. Because the shed is at the bottom of a sloped hill, cell phone reception is an issue because the shed also works as my workshop which I can spend hours in at one time. The wiring work may require a complicated process but it adds protection for outdoor use of electrical appliances. To remedy this, I installed a cell phone signal booster which is connected to an antenna at the back of the shed. Alternatively, you may choose to connect a separate GFCI indoor after installing an ordinary outdoor outlet. It is important to have a dedicated outdoor socket for your shed so that you can avoid trailing long extension cords, which pass through open windows. Follow the manufacture directions in wiring the GFCI after the wire is inside the outdoor shed. Installing electricity to your outdoor shed is a project worth carrying out for your own convenience and safety.
If you’ve been following these posts, you know that in late August, I finally got permanent power run to my building under construction and that I had taken on the task of doing all the electrical wiring in that building. My task was clear: get the 30 amp RV outlet set up at the shed, which was on the opposite side of the driveway from my building, about 25 feet from my RV.

Although the shed was only about 80 feet from my building, the conduit did not run in a straight line.
I could tell by the amount of wire left on the spools that I was almost all the way to the shed.
You see, although I’d measured the trench distance, I failed to account for the sweep down from the building and the sweep up to the shed. Here’s what the outdoor wiring looks like on the side of my shed after wiring the 115v outlet. When I was done with all the wiring and had checked it over to make sure it was right, I went back into my building to set up the 20 amp circuit.
When I was finished, I had three completed circuits: the small one for the panel area and two for the shed. So, once again, I turned off the main breaker, tested the board to make sure power wasn’t flowing through it, and did some wiring work.
That wire was in my shed and will never be hidden behind a finished wall, but I’ll definitely take your advice (as well as I can) for other wiring in future finished walls. It is on 4x6 pressure treated runners, and they rest on a concrete pad, which is 1 foot wider all around than the shed. Inside the shed, the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet and the wire are connected.

Jeff, my earth-moving guy, had run it with the 3 inch conduit toward the transformer box, then turned left and ran it with the water line to the shed.
Then I took a picture of the wire coming out of the conduit and the shed and texted it to Bob. Something to keep in mind for those who have poor reception in their shed and spend a lot of time there. While I was at it, I’d run a set of 12 gauge wires through the same conduit for a 20 amp circuit so I could put a 115v outlet on the outside of the building as well as an outlet and light inside the shed. Near the shed, it turned right to get to the north side of the shed where I wanted the utilities.
I tied a bunched up plastic shopping bag to the end of some garden twine I had and tied the other end to the water valve near the conduit opening at the shed.
Then I rigged up my old copper grounding rod (from the temporary power pole) on two saw horses near the opening of the conduit, went back to the shed, and started to pull.

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