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If you're thinking about installing an electric fence in your backyard, you might also want to consider creating a special place for your dog to relax, stay warm or cool and feel "at home" in backyard. Here are some design inspirations for making a dog house that fits your dog and your backyard style! This bright yellow dog house is a looker for a dog with a great personality, even sporting it's own personal porch.
Once you have determined the size the doghouse, begin by cutting the floor joists using the 2x4's.

Check local codes to make sure extension cords are allowed if the doghouse is not near enough to the electrical outlet. Then, measure the left side using the measurement determined in step 1 for the back of the doghouse. That's the beauty of this site." To new editors, she advises, "If you've got an interest in almost anything, use the articles to give you some ideas on what can be done, and what else you want to contribute to.
You can jump in the deep end with both feet like I did… with major edits and a lot of articles started that others never thought to add before, or go into the shallows and develop ideas on what you want to get started on.

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