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Rick's Sheds in Logan NJ has the widest variety of sheds for virtually any storage need or other use. Whether you just need to store your lawnmower and gardening tools or you're setting up a home studio or workshop out in the yard, we have the right shed for every purpose.
When searching for the best quality and most affordable shed in Logan New Jersey, Rick's Sheds is the name you trust. Stock Shed #4HH 15 - 8 x 14 Mini Barn, painted duratemp - clay, green trim and shutters, slate architectural shingles, end vents.

With ample room to house all your tools and equipment, this shed offers a great place to store seed, fertilizer, and anything else you may use in your gardening endeavors. If you are looking for a quality shed that is as useful as it is charming, definitely consider calling The Workshop your own! These sheds are great for holding power tools, gardening supplies, or just creating your own workspace.
These durable metal sheds feature galvanized steel so you do not have to worry about rust from age or inclement weather.

How to build a tongue and groove shed door
Building shed panels
15 ft x 15 ft shed

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