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Most white board markers will write on mirrors, as will some children’s felt tip pens, crayons and lipstick! Attach these cards to a large mirror of your choice to present your wedding seating plan in a unique and personalised way. This example by Martha Stewart combines candles and a beautiful flower arrangement with a circular mirror.
Here is an example using a small photo frame that could easily be adapted to a larger wedding seating plan frame. I bought the mirror from a local market for £35 and a girl from e bay who lived local did the rest!!! It’s easy to drag and drop guests and tables around the screen and you can create different layouts to see what works best.

After discovering that arranging the seating is one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding, he launched TopTablePlanner in 2007. Choose a photo frame with multiple apertures, and place a list of table names and guests in each aperture. This technique is probably rather time consuming for a large seating plan but is perfect for headings, table names and decorative finishing touches. Use a larger frame to create a wedding collage, showing your wedding seating plan as well as engagement photos and memorabilia of the wedding. Hang ribbon or thread in horizontal or vertical rows across a large frame, and peg or attach tags showing which guests are at which table.
Give small compacts with mirrors in as favours for the ladies, and mirrored cufflinks for the gents.

As always, remember to have a look at our Pinterest board for plenty of inspiring ideas for your mirror and frame themed wedding seating plan! We show how this versatile and interesting way of displaying your wedding seating plan can easily be created.

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