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In a recent post, I shared three compelling reasons to install a shed in your yard instead of renting a storage unit. Before you decide whether to buy a prefab shed, like the Suncast we installed, you should carefully review the “covenants, conditions and restrictions” (CC&Rs) for your association, if applicable, and your city’s municipal codes.
While I’ve read positive reviews of the Suncast sheds from people in colder, snowy climates, my Mr. Portability: If you think you might want to move the shed at some point in the future, use brick or wood for the foundation. Future repairs: If you have plumbing or electrical that runs under the shed location, build a brick or wood foundation. Critters: If you live in an area where there are critters who might like to live under or eat your shed, you’re better off with a cement or brick foundation.

That said, be sure to unpack the box in the garage first and compare the contents to the parts list in the instructions before you start assembling. Given our recent experience installing our shed,  I’ll now warn you of six hazards you can avoid if you chose to do a project like this of your own. This list isn’t exhaustive but should help you avoid some of the most common hazards people face when installing sheds.
We don’t have an association but the municipal code for our city has very clear restrictions on where you can place your shed (setbacks) and requires you to get a building permit if it’s a permanent structure. Some of these hazards apply to other projects as well so keep reading even if you aren’t installing a shed.
If the city requires us to move the shed or if we were to sell and the new buyers didn’t like the shed where we put it, we can easily move it.

We chose another Suncast because we have been very happy with the construction, durability and look. However, we wouldn’t let that stop us from buying it because it is really a well-designed and sturdy shed that has served us well.

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