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Published : 14.08.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Simple Woodworking Project Plans
The shed was pretty much straight forward and easy to put together as the instructions were very clear. In terms of any parts missing, I did have to buy some bolts which were not included in the shed assembly kit. I had some help putting together the shed but I was able to have it prepped and finished in approximately 8 hours done over a two day span.

I used pressure treated 2 by 4's, piers of concrete, a hammer, nails, a tape measure and saw to build the shed.
The only problem which I came across were the missing parts, but after informing Home Depot, I was given the said parts for free.
I found the shed to be more than satisfactory and it hasn't sprung a leak just yet (although I've only had it for approximately a year now).

I haven't had any problems with the shed just yet and I would definitely recommend it to others.

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