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20-year MACRS property includes farm buildings, such as general-purpose barns and machinery sheds. An election not to take the 50 percent additional first-year depreciation can be made by a taxpayer on a MACRS class basis. The additional first-year depreciation and Section 179 expensing, combined with regular MACRS depreciation, provide many tax management options for 2008.
The machinery shed is not eligible for Section 179 expensing, but as 20-year MACRS property is eligible for $40,000 of additional first-year depreciation and $1,500 ($40,000 X 3.75%) of MACRS depreciation for a total of $41,500 in cost recovery.
In contrast, an additional first-year depreciation deduction in excess of taxable income creates a net operating loss (NOL).
Unlike the Section 179 deduction, a taxpayer cannot claim only a portion of the additional first-year depreciation on an asset.
Meg could take $0, $5,000, $100,000 or $105,000 of additional first-year depreciation depending on her elections. Depending on his income, Harry might elect to forgo the additional first-year depreciation on the tractor. The amounts expensed are treated the same as depreciation when the property is sold or traded and for depreciation recapture purposes.
The Federal Government has announced new tax depreciation measures for primary producers in this year’s (2015) Federal Budget.
The move opens the door for farmers and other primary production businesses to claim accelerated depreciation on fodder storage (amongst other items).

Under the new measures, primary producers can deduct the cost of fodder storage sheds over just three years, instead of up to 50 years previously. So now there are many good reasons to invest in a new shed for your hay, grain, silage … anything that involves storage of fodder. And when you buy a new shed, it makes sense to invest in a farm shed that’ll do the job properly … one you can rely on to do everything you need. The ESA of 2008 provides for an additional first-year depreciation deduction equal to 50 percent of the adjusted basis of qualifying property placed in service after December 31, 2007 and before January 1, 2009. Because the provisions of the Section 179 expensing and additional first-year depreciation are different, taxpayers can manage their 2008 deductions by choosing which tool to use with specific assets. Depreciable assets are placed in classes and the 150-percent declining-balance method with a shift later in life to straight-line depreciation, to maximize the depreciation deduction, applies to most tangible personal property used in farming. Because the tractor is qualifying property, the additional first-year depreciation deduction is 50 percent of the $75,000 initial basis of the tractor or $37,500.
Because the tractor and planter are both 7-year MACRS property, Harry would also have to forgo the additional first-year depreciation on the planter. And there is no restriction on the value of your purchase on these sheds for fodder storage.
They hold it in the shed for 3-6 months after harvest and, as Dianne says, “We always gain because of the price increase.
Both additional first-year depreciation and Section 179 expensing represent an acceleration of cost recovery and are treated as depreciation.

This additional first-year depreciation is allowed for both regular tax and Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) purposes. Additional first-year depreciation would be $5,000 on computer and $100,000 on the tractor. If a Section 179 expensing election is made, notations regarding the specific allocations should be made on the depreciation schedule.
Some assets, such as machinery sheds, shops and general purpose barns, are eligible for the additional first year depreciation, but do not qualify for Section 179.
The taxpayer is not required to use the Alternative Depreciation System (ADS) for the property. A statement identifying the classes of property for which the election is made and indicating that the taxpayer is electing not to take the additional first-year depreciation on all of the qualifying assets in the MACRS class is attached to the tax return. For example, as discussed previously, the 50 percent additional first-year depreciation applies only to new assets whose original use starts with the taxpayer.
Both the new tractor and new planter would be eligible for additional first-year depreciation of $40,000 and $15,000, respectively. For like-kind exchanges, only the boot portion is eligible for Section 179 expensing, but the entire basis of the new asset is eligible for the additional first year depreciation.

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