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But thanks to a new trend that seems to have come out of the UK, more and more people are converting those scary little backyard structures into hip pub sheds. I got in touch with the man behind ReaderSheds, Andrew Wilcox, also known as “Uncle Wilco, Head Sheddie,” and he told me a bit about the rise of this trend in the UK: “When the indoor smoking ban came into force in 2007, I saw a steady increase in the number of pub sheds added to my website,” Uncle Wilco told me.
If you’re lucky enough to celebrate American independence inside a fully-functional bar shed this weekend, please send us some pictures. Hey Brian, We do not build these sheds, nor do we provide hardware in way of the wood to build a shed.
Feel free to join us at the facebook group Pub Sheds, with over 8000 members, many of whom build their own and other sheds too.
I am getting ready to build or buy a pub shed for a total renovation house project in the village of Greenport.
These moving PODS caught my attention as a small brew storage shed requiring some sort of exterior covering in yard pleasing wood.

Hey guys, We have started our own pub shed here in East Texas called K&K Bear Cave We have been working on it less than 2 weeks and its AWESOME!! Cleaning out your shed or garage is no easy task but it doesn’t take much convincing to trade in some unused items for a few taps, a large fridge, and a TV to build a private outdoor oasis of your own.
Oftentimes, these allotments have sheds for storing gardening tools and what not. Naturally, folks started enjoying a quick beer or cocktail in these sheds, and eventually, a few people gathered, mini happy hours casually formed, and from there, the natural evolution of bar sheds began. Many homebrewers use their sheds on brew day and refer to the space as a “brew shed.” And of course, we’ve all seen a backyard shed fitted with tiki decor.
They don’t call it that, and I never realized it until writing this article, but it’s the size, shape, and build of a standard shed, located near their pool. What we do is provide all of the equipment for the inside of the sheds – so, draft beer systems, refrigeration, pub tables, bar tools, glassware, etc. The Pub page is home to 350 different pub sheds, as they call them, displayed in digital photo albums.

It houses all of the pool supplies, alongside a nice 4-person bar, a beer fridge, and a sizable selection of liquor.
I don’t think I need to tell you about all of the awesome bar furniture, tools, and decor we carry. A frat house dream, a fishing hut supplement (even ice fishing), one shed serves my house or your house (not at the same time).

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