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One of the most interesting projects I’ve seen so far is this wonderful guest house made out from a  recycled shipping container. Another impressive project belongs to Brazilian Architect Marcio Kogan.  This maritime shipping containers home was born with the idea of making use of industrial elements that can be easily assembled and also in a very short period of time. If so far we’ve seen shipping containers used as a living place here is a daring idea of a business man who has imagined his new Starbucks  building a little bit different compared to  what we are used to see.  That crazy idea came from their extensive use of these containers to ship their coffee and tea from all over the world. As we can see it is made from multiple containers cu different section cut either to achieve a larger interior space with great living and dining areas either  to fit large windows and doors . As a proof that this container house phenomenon  is spreading all over the world and that different regions and architects impose their preferences regarding design, in FranceClement Gillet Architects build an eco-friendly prefabricated single prefabricated residence. Commercial spaces come in different shapes and designs to attract as many clients as possible through an appealing look. Boxpark Shoreditch is London’s first  pop-up  shopping mall  made completely from shipping containers. The compact space is divided and exploited at its limit in contrast with the usual shopping malls with huge parking lots and endless pathways.  The entire mall is made out of 61 containers and 41 of them are situated at the ground section  in simple rectangular footprint.
Because of the container’s nature not a wide range of possibilities is available to decorate it, but people take this always as a challenge and in this case it turned out great actually. This  unique residence  idea and design belongs to Poteet Architects and you should know that this is not their only  project involving shipping containers.

To deal with the special limitations due the predetermined size of the containers they stack the containers on top of another. What I like most at this house is that they kept the container’s door, leaving the owner’s the possibility of closing them to achieve full privacy. If so far we’ve seen homes made in less professional manner, Ecotech Design introduces their version of a shipping container house. This unique design features a modern interior with open space solutions and plenty of natural light and an exterior  area that combines shady places  with an open space yard.  I have to admit that if nobody said to me that this is made from containers I would had never guessed.
I’m talking about open space and shipping containers.  This incredible house shocks through brightness, arrangement and facilities. This is a real everyday home for a happy family with needs and perfectly integrated in society. After many deliberations he decided about an L- shaped shipping container office by Lab inc.
His 1,000 square foot restaurant is made from recycled cargo containers  with bare bones scaffolding around for a true minimalistic , industrial look. In the amazing decor shipping containers, ropes, rotors and other elements from the shipping industry were used to create the impression of a raw, industrial shipping  warehouse. 25Hours HafenCity Hotel has each room decorated to look like a cabin from a ship.

Yes, you’ve heard me,   those cargo containers represent now for some people a part of their home ,or even the entire household.
The container was painted blue and two sections were cut and windows and  big sliding doors were mounted. New Jersey architect Adam Kalkin designed and build his own house from  recycled shipping containers. It is located in the Mojave Desert, it has 2,300 square feet structured into a one bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom 6 containers residence.
Made out of only 5 shipping containers this  house has a total of 2,600 square feet of comfortable living spaces, on top of that it has a green roof, geothermal heating and high-tech foam insulation to preserve the best living conditions available at this moment.

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