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Painting wooden furniture is a way to give new life to an older chair or other type of wood piece.
If you're going to replacing any hardware on your furniture, fill in the old holes where the previous hardware was attached.
If you're going for more of a weathered, distressed look on your furniture, you may want to skip the primer.
Depending on the size of the wooden furniture, it may be possible to use an acrylic spray paint to create the look you want. Maybe you're renovating a chest of drawers, or a dresser; in that case, you want to remove any hardware that's attached to the furniture before you paint it.

If you're painting a tabletop or a desktop, you may want to lather on a couple layers — or one thick layer — to give added protection and sheen to often-used parts of your furniture.
Most painters will find that a coat of primer and paint won't give the furniture that professional look that they're seeking. When this is the case, there is usually no need to apply a sealant after painting, as the acrylic will provide adequate protection.
I have always used your tutorials for painting things around my house and this is just another i will bookmark for future use! This is an ideal weekend project, and it is possible to paint wood furniture and adapt the piece to just about any color scheme.

These are my tried and true techniques for repairing, priming, and painting an old hand me down, or a lucky Craigslist or thrift store find like this damaged honey tone wood dresser.
We’ve seen a spike in the number of online readers searching for tips on how to paint furniture.
I AM IN NEED OF HELP (lol) I have cherry color wood furniture EVERYWHERE in my bedroom and I would love to paint it all black.

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