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Starting a new website can be very confusing, especially if you have never created one before. Once you have bought your domain and you have started to build your website it is important to start researching your competition in more detail. Branding and marketing are often items left until the launch, but without having a clear understanding of your marketing activity you may find that your website has a slow start. Once your site is in the build and on the go live phase you should start to look at how you will market your new site from day one. First of all,  let me tell you that anyone can build a website, there is no specific skills required for it. A Domain name is the URL (Uniform resource locator), which user enters to visit the website. You can refer my tutorial how to register domain name for a website, In this tutorial you will find a step by step procedure for domain name registration with screenshots.

But you need to associate your domain name with web host account then only your webpages would come up for your website’s URL. In step 1 linked tutorial (how to register domain name for a website), I have explained how to register domain name with Godaddy and in step 2 linked post (how to setup web host account), I covered webhost account setup with Hostgator. If you liked the post and want to stay in touch then you can join us on facebook and Gplus. There’s no point having a beautiful website if it loads so slowly that all your users leave immediately. By now, you will know what form of website you will be creating, from a blog all the way through to a brand new e-commerce site. If this isn’t your first website then you may well have been through the domain buying process before, but as with everything in the digital world the process may have changed. In WordPress you will get number of free themes and plugins, which you can use while building your website.

Keeping your website design and structure simple will help it to load faster and you should make sure that your HTML code is cleaned up too. This will really depend upon whether or not you have already sorted out hosting for your website, but it is certainly worth doing your research.
Although websites can be changed, the more you change them once they are live, the more harm it can actually do. Even I didn’t have any knowledge when I started building this website, I kept on learning things and come up with this design.
Website hosting varies greatly in price and what may seem like a bargain-bin price may actually end up costing your business enormously, particularly if your website goes down and there isn’t a technical team provided to help you.

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