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Pine Sided : Green Solar Carriage ShedOur Green Shed is designed for you to place solar panels on and offset your electric usage for each good sun hour you can capture. Assembly Options Include: Kit form for you to assemble, build on site where our crews assemble for you, or fully assembled delivery in 8', 10', 12' or 14' widths. We prefer not to sell a standardised kit since everyone has his or her different requirements.

Line the solar panels up on a table connecting the postive lead from the first to the negative lead of the second and so on for each panel in turn.In the end the solar panels will all be connected to each other, with the negative lead from the first panel and the positive lead from the last panel free to be connected to the battery or battery bank. For small 12V set-ups like this the diode is not really necessary and will almost certainly have an overall negative effect.Connecting the Solar Panel to the BatteryIdeally battery top post terminals should be used to connect wires to the battery.

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