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Cleveland-area builder Tim Niklas has created a solar-powered shed that’s gaining national attention. Pine Sided : Green Solar Carriage ShedOur Green Shed is designed for you to place solar panels on and offset your electric usage for each good sun hour you can capture. Assembly Options Include: Kit form for you to assemble, build on site where our crews assemble for you, or fully assembled delivery in 8', 10', 12' or 14' widths.
The Ellensburg, WA, area is renowned for consistent high winds, and commercial wind farms are being built nearby. I have been thinking about the Powershed concept for 5 years now, going over things in my head and checking the web for suitable components. Custom systems with batteries can still be fully assembled and wired in the factory with the batteries inside the shed. If you're in the market for solar, take a look at the PowerShed solution.  It's portability and flexibility make it a great option to consider.
I just wanetd to clarify from a technical standpoint that the POWERSHED has been structurally designed and computer modeled to withstand 90 mph winds.
Master builder Niklas’s goal was to capture as much solar energy as possible to keep a charge on their batteries, solar-powered fridge, washer, a heat recovery ventilator, and all his power tools.

Carr also decided to house the battery and inverters in a new straw bale shed, fulfilling another desire to explore this building method.
Carr’s desires to produce renewable energy, have back up power, and be more energy self sufficient. To this date, all residential solar PV installations are custom systems and because of that, many standard contractors or do-it-yourself homeowners were shut out. The panels will act as sails even with the gaps but it is the support structure and the structural construction of the building which has shear walls that allows the Powershed to survive 90mph winds. The socially-conscious entrepreneur even built a charging station for all the mobile phones and gadgets for his family, all powered by the sun.
Plus, the solar panels are low enough to clear off snow in the winter, keeping them free to absorb as much sunlight as possible. I felt that the only way solar PV was going to become mainstream was for everyone to be able to participate.
The storage capacity of Powershed could be used by the maintenance staff or teachers could use it as a mini on-site field trip related to a solar power curriculum.
She monitored the wind resource for two years and recorded 13 mph average annual wind speeds, an excellent resource for a small wind turbine.

Many installers today seem to make PV solar more complicated than it has to be and that seems to scare people off. Besides the obvious points of poking holes in roof, restricted access for cleaning the modules, having to remove and reinstall the system to re-roof and the growing safety problem for firefighters, I found that many people who installed systems had to walk away from their investment when they were forced to move. It was kind of like selling a home with an in-ground pool; everyone likes it, but no one is willing to pay for it.
Check the bolts yearly to make sure they are tight and apply a coat of paint on the shed every few years as needed. To solve this problem, I felt that we had to change the ownership model of these systems from being part of the real estate to a tangible personal piece of property like a car that can move when you move so you can fully utilize the investment.

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