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I browsed through a few plans on the website, but didn’t think that the ones I looked at offered any great efficiency where use of space was concerned. Im not so fond of the boxy shape, but I love anything that has so many green and sustainable features.
They would fit perfectly with new and modern indoor lighting and home lighting I seem to see everywhere.
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There are only a few out there designing good home plans online and these guys are hitting the perfect niche for this current time in the market. Creating a completely separate site away from the big players in this field is the perfect idea. Though you can reduce the carbon footprint of your conventional home and become part of the solution to global warming, a better, and less expensive, alternative is a green home plan that is not part of the problem.
This lets the hummingbird eco house take advantage of the outdoor climate in maintaining indoor temperatures.

The hummingbird house design also incorporates other technologies that reduce energy consumption in a practical manner.
And it accomplishes this without the elaborate and expensive things like solar panels that other green homes rely on.

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