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Sunflower and pea sprouts in the small greenhouse.The temperature of the sprouts and seedlings growing in our greenhouse is carefully controlled using heating pads and a soil thermometer. Proper greenhouse benches are currently under construction.  Not only are they strong and beautiful, they are energy efficient!
How to Build a DIY Greenhouse for Your YardFind out how to build a DIY greenhouse in your yard to keep your plants warm when the temperatures drop, and to give you a head start in spring on growing seedlings to plant in your garden. Corrugated plastic roof panels were attached to the roof and sides of the greenhouse using self-tapping screws with rubber washers.

We used green plastic panels for our greenhouse, but clear panels will allow much more light and heat inside the greenhouse. Cover the front and back of the greenhouse first, starting at the bottom and overlapping each panel over the one below.
Allen and I are working from a design I perfected 30 years ago to build and sell these things when my remodeling business was a little slow. Now, we move to the location where the greenhouse will sit and begin filling in the framing between these two end walls.

As you go up the wall, each panel overlaps the one before it by a couple of rows, and the whole greenhouse gets sturdier with each one. To keep weeds from popping up inside, I’m spreading a layer of plastic inside the greenhouse before we spread the gravel that would form the floor.

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