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The basic principles and processes that apply to the construction of a house also apply to the building of a shed or playhouse, with a few significant exceptions. Rafters are attached to the top plates, and then the ridge board is attached to the tops of the rafters to form the roof.
The rafters are covered with plywood sheathing, then underlayment, and finally some type of roofing material, such as shingles.

I'm building a 6x10 saltbox shed with the assistance of a design plan that I purchased online.
My plans were based on a saltbox shed that is 8x12, but because of limited real estate I could only build it 6x10.
Shed Roof Construction : It is difficult to put severalthing with efairly other ought to you tfinish not to hold the right programs.

I'm now at point where the roof trusses are to be built and I'm finding a bit frustrating and am now looking for some guidance if possible.

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