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Be sure to check back often, to see our latest stellar steel discounts — all available right here in Adelaide! The UltraFrame® is a simple, easy-to-install shed system engineered for durability in all conditions, including the most severe cyclone regions in Australia. We can provide a DIY kit or organise to have the shed fully installed on your property by one of our qualified builders.
The ShedKing team can complete your shed project from initial design, engineering, permits, site preparation, concreting and finally installation. We provide a range of custom and Standard designs from Backyard to Farmyard with an emphasis on durability, quality and comfort here in Adelaide. With our great range of options, our sheds can be customized to suit your personal or commercial needs.

By offering both UltraFrame® and C-Section structures, Shed Innovations Adelaide gives you the best options in pre-engineered building systems. The Shed King is a privately owned Australian company that has enjoyed the trust and patronage of a large cross section of the people of South Australia for many years. The Shed King has the solution for small spaces or odd shaped areas and great value garages, garden sheds, commercial and rural buildings.
Contact the team at The Shed King for the latest up to date information on sheds and gardens sheds for Adelaide and South Australia.
Shed Innovations is a leading manufacturer of Sheds, Barns and Garages based in Adelaide South Australia. We recommend Ranbuild (domestic sheds, garages, carports, rural, barns, bungalows, shacks and commercial buildings) and SteelChief (garden sheds, timber sheds, workshops, cubby houses and forts, aviaries, fowl houses, above car storage lockers, roller door storage sheds, dog kennels and pet enclosures).

A shed made using the UltraFrame® structure has minimal parts and fasteners thus making it the easiest DIY shed on the market. Specialising in sheds in Adelaide, The Shed King has always prided itself on having the ability to operate state-wide and to this end has been involved in the supply of projects throughout the length and breadth of South Australia. All sheds adelaide are well designed by SteelChief and Ranbuild ensuring you get a the best quality shed for your home or commercial site.

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