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Graham Design and ConstructionIf you don't have some type of roofing membrane underneath the soil, the structure would just rot out. I read about someone who did a living roof in the south and ended up with fire ants not only nesting in the roof, but tunneling through it and causing leaks.
It seems like a great way to add some extra garden space without actually taking up more space.
I’ve always been a little skeptical about anything on a roof except roofing material because I grew up in a house with a partially flat roof and leaks. And for heavy storms, the green roof slows down the water that it cannot directly absorb.The second issue is that the surface of a nonplanted roof is dirty, because pollutants from the atmosphere regularly settle on our rooftops.
When the dirty rooftop is rained on, all of the pollutants are washed away quickly and end up downstream.
The advantage of modular roof trays like the ones used on this shed roof is that they come preplanted, so you don’t have to worry about whether your plantings will take.Inspiration for a rustic detached gardening shed in Philadelphia.

Naturalistic garden featuring lush plantings for year round interest, new entry fence with arbor and modern garden shed green roof. Photos by Bill Noland.This is an example of a modern partial sun rooftop landscape in Seattle for spring. Although getting rid of the expanse of gravel and adding visual interest were the couple's main motivations, Joseph and Robin both love to garden and wanted a space for growing their favorite plants. But I must say the idea is definitely worth some research and consideration because of the numerous benefits of a rooftop garden. But if the right circumstances are in place a living roof might be a great addition to any shed or tiny house. For small storms, the plants on living roofs intercept the stormwater and release it back into the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation. A shed or garage is the ideal space for this.Inspiration for a craftsman detached gardening shed in San Francisco.

A shed can house all the things necessary to harvest your garden flowers — baskets, shears and footwear for tromping through the dirt.Photo of a traditional gardening shed in Detroit.
Of course there are some important considerations like can the existing structure support the additional weight of the living roof and the work that’s needed for waterproofing and drainage. I love the idea of a true underground house but a retrofit green roof brings up all sorts of additional challenges. When you compare a nonplanted roof with a green roof, the effects on stormwater are clear: The nonplanted roof is a large surface area that water falls onto and then rolls off of quickly.
Creating a lush haven around this 12-foot by 16-foot shed was the perfect solution.Photo of a rustic detached gardening shed in Portland Maine.

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