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Clever garden shed designs take all the guesswork out of planning and building your garden shed. In the standard range of the premium its comes installed with a single door and three small windows, one being opeining as you can see in the image above. In the image above the owner of this garden building choose to have one door with a double glazed double window also an outside light installed and to give it that unique finish, blue spotlights bedded into the small over hang. This particular wooden shed was used for storage by the client, the client choose they wanted us to treat and paint the shed the standard dark green colour also for us to build the base to sit the shed on, which we provide for all of our garden buildings with to elevate the floor of the shed to prevent rotting.At Cheshire sheds we design and create garden building which are especially used for storage, for example this image above has a wide double door at the front and a single door at the side for easy access. This garden building was installed with black shingles to give the garden building that extra security from heavy weather conditions. The client choose their garden building to be treated, painted, and installed and the base to be prepared by us at Cheshire Sheds.
Our client wanted one side full of windows with our double glazed strengthened glass and doors for a relaxing area and the other side of the summerhouse is used for storage, hence the secure door and single window. The garden building is designed with a double door in the centre of the wood building and two single windows each side of the double doors.

We installed the enclosure with easy access turn on buttons at the top and bottom of each door.Standard pent garden shed with large over hang for a large amount of shelter area, this particular garden building is a bespoke design with two single doors with a small single window in between the doors.
We change our displays regular, come over and view our garden sheds both inside and outside the unit.Another one of our animal enclosures which can be used for all kinds of animals, the most popular choice is for dogs because of the size of the thick galvanised weld mesh. This garden building has one standard single door placed in the middle of two single windows. The owners of this garden building chose to include three single windows on the top end of the garden building next to the door. The door of the garden shed is a stable door which gives you the opportunity to open the top of the door without opening the bottom of the door.Another one of our pent garden shed, this particular pent shed only has one single door and two single windows by the side of it. We prepared the base which was the concrete option so we made sure the wood was pressure treated to prevent cracking of the wood.Standard garden chalet with summerhouse doors and windows with carefully handcrafted roof panels. Our log cabins are more expensive than our garden buildings because of the difference of wood, windows and doors used, there better quality than our standard garden buildings as the log cabins can be insulated and can be used to live in.This garden building is under our standard pent shed range, the customer of this garden building decided they wanted all the doors and windows on one side of the garden building. The chicken coop includes small steps so it’s easily accessible for the chickens to go from the run to the nesting area and back. Insulating a garden building will keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer .Storage shed with slide shut windows at the side of the shed with a single door at the top of the wood building.

This double garage has a relaxing area above the garages for an office area or on suite bedroom.This standard single garage and the base of the garage was prepared and installed by us at Cheshire Sheds. Each window on this playhouse has unique designed window shutters that have a fence design about them, The timber framed base was built and supplied by us at Cheshire Sheds.Residential log cabin, delivered and installed by Cheshire Sheds - Log cabin built with veranda and overhang, double doors and two single windows at either side of the door. The animal enclosure also has an area for the dog to sleep with shelter and warmth.One of our larger animal enclosures with the galvanised bars to give the dog run that extra security needed to prevent the dog escaping or from anything getting into the enclosure. The slide down latch separating the kennels run to the inside of the enclosure is easy to use and quick to shut and open.Standard garden summerhouse with stable doors which allows you to open one side of the door without opening the other side, the doors are also installed with top of the range locking systems with a small window built into the top end of the door. They also have a small area for them to sleep and shelter.We take great pride and patience in all of our garden buildings, from the standard to the bespoke garden sheds we treat each project like it was our very first job by putting everything into that job - We can help you with any questions or any troubles you may have with your garden building or anything that may cause a problem such as planning permission, we will work our very best to meet your requirements.

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