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Shed Doors-N-More was designed for customers that are looking to build a new shed or just want to fix up their old shed. I get a lot of emails asking for plans for these sheds but unfortunately, I’m just the photographer. I saw this first shed on a garden tour and immediately fell in love with the design and the furnishings. The scalloped shingles really enhance the appearance and, of course, the clematis, window boxes, and plants, are perfection. This barn-style shed would not be too expensive to build if you used chipboard instead of barn board or plywood. Based on the chimney, it appears this shed either houses a pool heater or a wood stove perhaps. Connect with Melissa here at Empress of Dirt, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For those who don’t know, timber framing is a construction style that joins heavy timbers together using mortise and tenon joints (for the analytical types like me, look up the German building style called Fachwerk).
If you live in the UK (or anywhere for that matter) and you have a special garden shed of your own (or a picture of one), please send me a picture and a little story.
If you are ready to buy a storage shed, visit The Betty Mills Company for a great selection.

The Store More Emerald 'Parkdale' 6ft Wide range features 90cm double opening doors and is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel with vented gables.
The Store More Emerald 'Rosedale' 8ft Wide range features 110cm double opening doors on the 8ft width and is manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised steel with vented gables. There’s something about the quirky doors with the formality of the rose bed that I adore.
Good thing they have a window on the door or it would be very dark in there (like my shed). We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Since the photo contributor, Jaymass (James Maskrey, a photographer who lives in the United Kingdom) lives in the UK, our assumption is that this unique garden shed is located there, too! Basically, there are slots cut in the wood so the wood joins together and is attached using pegs (traditional) or bolts (modern adaptation – sorry to the purists). Notice the climbing plants on either side of the door and the raw, natural looking wood siding. Although the site does accept advertising and other types of compensation, it does not receive free products or merchandise. The pre-painted galvanised steel sheet used in the walls, roof and doors on the Emerald 'Rosedale' range has a base metal thickness of 0.25mm.

And this is the next installment of my shed gallery that began with the Gallery of Garden Sheds (Part One). You may want to visit Betty’s site just to see the shed pictures and generate ideas for your own project.
Pre-painted galvanised steel sheet used in the walls, roof and doors with a base metal thickness of 0.25mm.
How about the vented gable end above the door that provides ventilation for moisture control. More evidence of a craftsman who, it appears, used mortise and tenon joinery to construct the doors.
This is much like a cabinet maker would do with kitchen cabinet doors, but without the bottom rail.

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