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Once I decided to replace the shed I decided that I would build a new studio in it’s place. Since the old shed was on an angle, I had to move some dirt around to get the ground even again. Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living the laid back life in SoCal. From a proper design and construction review standpoint, I am glad it is a shed and not a living space. Actually, although the basic design looks like it comes from Modern-Shed, if David was able to build it for around $3000, that’s pretty impressive. My mistake, I missed the reference to Modern-Shed in the article, which I wasn’t reading that closely.
I’d have to agree with some others comments regarding the weather-resistance of the shed. I love the shed, but I absolutely cringed when I saw your picture of the electrical switch.

I invited him for our Deconstruction column because he built a fantastic modern shed in his backyard for just about $3000 without using a kit. At first I thought it was a cute little shed but after further inspection, I saw that it was falling apart.
It actually took me about two months to find the right one that had a nice modern look and cost under $500! Routing grooves into the ply may help to create the effect of planks, but also means rain and snow will be penetrating directly into the shed’s skin. Modern-shed might have refined the design, but putting a shed roof over four walls is a no-brainer. In traditional houses garden sheds construct for storing extra gardening and workshops tools.
And props for the budgeting – for perspective I just built a computer for about the same price as that entire shed with extras. While the external design is similar, the internal design is very different to the Modern-Shed, so I think it unlikely that there would be any patent infringement.

I probably thought of making a larger house with that kind of structure, and this was way before modern-shed came into existence. Check out the process photos and David’s story, which might inspire you to build your own modern outdoor shed this Spring. Modern-sheds is just too expensive and they were not the the first to create this design or a shed. My only real comment, which agrees with a previous post, is that I would suggest acknowledging that the external design at least, is based on the Modern-Shed design.

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