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For over 50 years, the floating valve tray has been the workhorse of the petroleum and petrochemical industry. While some engineers consider this technology obsolete, bubble cap trays still have several applications where they are the best fit for the job.
Baffle trays are unperforated trays with large open area for use in low-efficiency and highly fouling services with minimal contact between vapor and liquid. This is another un-perforated baffle-type tray with large area for liquid down flow for use in low-efficiency and highly fouling applications.
While all other trays listed on this page have been for the intimate mixing of vapor and liquid, the chimney tray is a device specifically designed to keep vapor and liquid separate. This conventional tray technology, with either a rectangular or round floating valves, is applied when a wide range of operation is required and fouling concerns are minimal.
Fixed valves are integral to the tray deck and do not move, so there is no concern about the valves becoming stuck or popping loose and damaging process pumps. As a fixed orifice-contacting device, the sieve tray is also one of the most economical trays because it does not have separate valves.

Applications like glycol dehydration columns in natural gas processing, where the liquid rate is low and a wide range of operation is required, then bubble cap trays are still widely employed. The vapor passes through a curtain of liquid flowing from the tray deck above instead of the typical intimate contact on the tray deck. This is because it consists of perforated (no valves) deck areas only and does not have any downcomers. The chimney tray, or collector tray as it is often called, is designed to collect liquid for one of two reasons: 1. Fixed valve trays offer improvement over sieve trays with superior fouling resistance and turndown capabilities. When multiple baffles are installed at the same level, these trays are often called Shed Decks.
In these trays the vapor passes through a curtain of liquid instead of typical intimate contact on the tray deck. While it does not have the ultimate capacity of a valve tray, it can almost match the efficiency of a sieve tray but only at the specific vapor and liquid rates for which was designed.

With legless round float valves, low-pressure drop trays can be fabricated by using venturi throat holes in the tray floor. Any sieve tray design can be improved with a fixed valve design for superior fouling resistance and greater turndown capability.
When range of operation is not critical the fixed valve tray provides the best balance between cost and performance for conventional trays. AMACS also manufactures Ripple Trays, the specialty corrugated dual flow trays designed by S&W. At the same time that a chimney tray is collecting liquid, it must be designed to provide good vapor distribution to trayed and packed sections above it.

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