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End of day, all exterior walls pre-build, resting on floor  & house  completly covered with a 40' x 60' tarp. Existing colonial, created master bedroom addition, master bathroom  and walk in closet over room below.
Continuing 2nd level over existing garage is an option if additional rooms ( bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry room, den, office, etc) were needed.
Replaced all existing windows on main house and created additional windows (5) above shed roof of 1st floor addition.
Appearance of addition consistent with architecture of present home such as pitch of roof, gable & soffit overhangs of roof . Objectives to correct  , open stairwell not child friendly, no clothes closet in living room & needed additional storage .

This year I decided I wanted to build my own tiny house after being inspired by many other examples such as Tumbleweed. Space is a premium in all types of homes, but the Tiny House movement glorifies homes which check in at around 100 square feet.
One of the suggestions in A Pattern Language is that teenagers should have their own separate little houses in the back yard of the family home.
Plus, strip old roof shingles on remaining house and install new architectual shingles and raise chimney. As you notice, existing ground level family room addition & 2 car garage (see photo 2 of 3) limits property space for any possibility of a ground level bedroom addition.
Side garage door (as shown) was closed up and other door (off deck) will become community entrance from existing home to proposed In-Law Addition.

Idea location for In-Law Addition (accessibility , able to park vehicle on nearby driveway and walk a short distance to front door).
I live cooperatively with five other people and the tiny house will be an addition to the small community.
I also wanted to build my own house but liked where I lived so I used the small space that was available.

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