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To contact Rubbermaid, Please visit our Contact Us page to find the appropriate phone number or contact form. Just needed a little extra storage space that was able to be sheltered from the elements and I found it affordably in an excellent Rubbermaid large vertical storage shed model # FG374601OLVSS. There are a lot ofmaterialsnormally used for creating the Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed Accessories, butit's important tochoosethe very best one and match it with the otherdwelling furniture. Arranging the thingson your Rubbermaid Vertical Storage Shed Accessories should befinished well.

The Large Vertical Storage Shed has a heavy duty, impact resistant floor and can accommodate wood shelving.
The panels that make up the frame and inter workings of the shed itself are all interlocking, which made it extremely easy to put together.
With a storage capacity of 52 cubic feet, it has plenty of space for lawn and garden tools, trimmers, and other outdoor items. It's possible you'll make a measurement first on your empty house, then findthe very best storage.

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