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I wanted a shed to store my gardening equipment and decided to build my own from plan. Alaska's list is a huge, online classifieds service, featuring buildings and sheds being offered for sale by people throughout the greatland and beyond. Easy to assemble with 325 cubic feet of storage capacity, the design of the *Rubbermaid Roughneck X-Large Storage Shed* compliments your home and yard. We needed a storage shed to house all of our lawn and gardening equipment, etc and this shed is just what the doctor ordered. After I built a good wood base for the shed to sit on the entire shed went together in a few hours. I bought this shed used and downloaded the assembly instructions because although I took it apart I wanted to make sure everything was there.
I purchased this style of shed over seven years ago, have moved it on four different occasions (all in one piece), and the shed continues to maintain the durability it had when I first put it together.
This shed is perfect for what I needed it for, and thats storing my lawnmower and a few other yard tools. This is a great shed for the money I would recommend building a base floor as i did overall it took about 5-6 hours including building the wood floor base. I checked the ratings on other less expensive sheds and know there are other options out there, however most do not allow enough space for me to stand up inside and this one does. This shed fits perfect for the space I had in my yard and is very durable and fullfills my needs. The main thing I would tell anyone on this shed it to make sure you prepare where you are setting it up.
At first I wasn't so sure of having a rubbermaid shed but it got the tools out of the garage that were driving me crazy.

Other than needing a buddy to help with a couple roof sections I built the entire shed by myself. I was able to assemble the shed by myself with a little creative thinking but some things about the design could be better.
Built a quick foundation for it out of treated 2x4's, which probably took longer than building the shed did. No problem however, as I was able to assemble the entire shed by myself in less than six hours, including adding (my own) screen material inside the gable vents. If this shed ever wears out, which I highly doubt, I will definitely purchase the same style Rubbermaid shed again. As with almost every shed, a perfectly flat place to build it and keep it is not negotiable!
Also, the shed has to be on level, flat gound otherwise, the parts don't fit together correctly. Also, they provide an area to place a lock on the door but with a little force the shed corners can be pulled apart from the outside. They have improved the design, made a 2 piece floor instead of a 4 piece floor in previous shed. Instructions could have been a little clearer but my wife and I managed to assemble this shed in about 4 hours, without killing each other. This is a terrible inconvenience and disappointment for us, as we built a wooden deck to support this shed, in the exact dimensions of this shed. Foundation and shed together took less than 4 hours to accomplish, which included running back to get the materials for the foundation.
I also received a broken window but the Lowes group had a Rubbermaid representative contact me and this was handled beautifully.

A 7X7 shed such as this, requires the manufacturer to provide a detailed video on You Tube for the public to view, for help with assembling their products. It really feels solid for a plastic shed, and I was impressed with how easy it was to assemble.
For the price of this product, I expected it to at least be as durable as Rubbermaid's inside organization products. The shed is built well, offers good supporting hardware, was relatively easy to assemble, and has a handy wall mount system so you can put up a couple shelves for lightweight items. Once its all done its a very sturdy shed and about half the price of a wood shed the same size. The bottom of the shed was warped and no matter how long we tried to flatten it in the sun it was still bumpy. Going in and out of the shed drove me crazy as it is difficult to get the doors open without rattling the whole shed and seriously distorting the shape(temporarily) of the doors. Nice standard sliding doors would have been way better and Rubbermaid could have incorporated some rubber seals. It made sense after a little thought that these were the slots that the walls of the shed would eventually go.

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