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The Wooden Refuse Storage Sheds have roomy interiors and pneumatic lids that can be padlocked. Create additional outdoor storage and organization with the Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed. The Rubbermaid Large Horizontal Storage Shed provides a safe place to keep outdoor items like a hose, gardening tools and more. The Rubbermaid storage shed is constructed out of heavy-duty polyethylene plastic resin that is low-maintenance, weather-resistant, leak-proof and will never rot, rust, dent or corrode, for easy use, inside and outside the home. Wooden Refuse Storage Sheds offer an efficient home waste system that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.Trash does not have to be a detrimental eyesore, as these Wooden Refuse Storage Sheds prove.

An efficient home waste system which enhances the beauty of any outdoor space and keeps all your bins organized in a central and convenient location.
These solid wood, tongue-in-groove construction sheds offer a secure, weather-resistant place to stow your trash bins, recycling, food and yard waste. The outdoor storage shed features a hinged lid and dual front doors that open wide to allow easy access from all sides.
The Horizontal Wooden Refuse Storage Shed features an elegantly curved lid, preventing snow and ice buildup, that's pneumatic to allow one-hand operation and stay up independently. The Horizontal Wooden Refuse Storage Shed has no floor, so multiple bins of various sizes easily roll in and out.

The Large Wooden Refuse Storage Shed fits snugly alongside a garage or walkway and has 2 swing-out doors and a top lid with a pneumatic opening.

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