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Hope you find a good plan or make your own from the general idea and do a build thread for those of us who want to build one of these too. I would need plans for tables with a 47-58 inch diameter table top,and standard height 30 inches. I don't know how to draw on the computer, but you can make your plans from any of those pictures, s'pecially since you already have an idea of the deminsions you want. OK guys I don't draw on a computer anyway and I'm using this picture to make the plans so here we go.

The next drawing is the cross members to assemble the top and have a place to attach the legs. I could help you make your own plans if I knew the dia of the top and heigth from the ground you like.
Then if you plan to make a hole for an umbrella don't put any fasteners directly in the center.
To make the material for the top come out symmetrical I planed it with using 10 2x6 boards for a diameter of 55".

You could also screw some 1x4's across the back side and use a circle cut router if you have one.

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