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Lugarde Prima Thomas This Prima Thomas flat roofed shed measuring 180cmx180cm (5'9x5'9) is ideal for use as a modern garden shed. Lugarde Prima Mark This Prima Thomas flat roofed shed measuring 240cmx180cm (7'9x5'9) is ideal for use as a small shed or summerhouse. Lugarde Primex This flat roofed building measuring 300cmx300cm (9'8x9'8) is ideal for use as a summerhouse or large garden shed. This useful shed has been manufactured from Tongue and grooved 12mm shiplap red wood pine shiplap cladding and quality mineral roofing felt.
It is ideal for use as a garden store or a secure area inside a shed, workshop, garage or storeroom.
It is not recommended that these sheds are placed directly on the ground due to damp, although a base of paving slabs with plastic underneath to help reduce condensation will be ideal.

There are many excellent features included in these sheds, however there are also many options available to adapt the shed to your needs. This shed can be erected against the house or a fence and will provide ample room to store gardening tools and small equipment.
Intermediate Floor - 2 part, hot dipped galvanised shelves with supports, will support a load of approx.
We strongly recommend the purchasing of a foundation kit as an accessory to this Duramax shed. Varnishes and other film-forming coatings can crack, peel and are not recommended for use on Cedar. Double Pack Four Tier Shelving Unit Five Tier Shelving Unit * This manufacturer may charge extra for delivery to Scotland and offshore islands.

All these security sheds are waterproof but have sufficient ventilation to avoid condensation forming.
The handle has a pre-set shear point so it will snap off if forced entry is attempted, leaving the unit still locked and your valuables safe. All these sheds are waterproof but have sufficient ventilation to avoid condensation forming. To provide optimum protection you must treat the wood as quickly as possible both internally and externally.

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