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The new Premier Groundsman Potting Shed is a fabulous garden building that offers fantastic quality and practicality! This Swallow Thermowood Timber Potting Shed has been heat treated to remove moisture from the wood and protect it from damage for years to come. With the Swallow Jay Potting shed, you can keep all of your plants happy and healthy in a robust building fitted with UV filtered toughened glass!
Potting sheds are perfect for beginners and avid gardeners as they provide ample space for you to work in and around.

The spacious planting area and additional shelving of this potting shed make it ideal for both storage and gardening throughout the year!
This large Swallow potting shed offers a wealth of space for keeping plants and flowers as well as storing your garden tools and equipment! This type of building offers the practicality and sturdiness of a shed, whilst you are still able to utilise the sunlight to cultivate plants. The Swallow Jay potting shed comes fully installed onto your existing base and has a wide range of paint options available to suit almost any garden!

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