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My version of mono-slope roof means a lean-too look, just one slope to it, not peaked or anything.
You need to look into snow loads, depending on the actual slope of the roof, you may need much more than 2x6 for construction of this size. Would need a lot more detail of wall height, what roof you mean, and how big the doors are, to get real info on how to build this. Haypoint and Rambler, what some call a mono pitch roof is probably more often called a shed roof, but I've seen the term shed roof used on your basic pole shed type roof too, so that's why I said mono pitch.

I'd want the roof pitch to be sort of shallow, so that snow would build up and help with insulation. Everything you need to know about pole barn plans, Easy pole barn plans – everything you need to know about pole barn plans, what to look for in them, how good ones will make your pole barn project easy, where to buy. Pole shed – secrets of shed building, Consider a pole shed if you want a large shed but the cost is a concern. It is bigger than the little sheds, and we have real snow up here to deal with, don't want to get it wrong. Anyhow, I'm location-challenged with hills in my yard, the only flat spot is covered in a lovely grove of nice hardwoods that protect my other sheds from huge snow drifts.

A peaked roof instantly gets cheaper to build, with the middle ridge carrying so much stress load, the 2 sides of the roof can be much less massive.

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