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Floorless metal and plastic sheds must have a solid, level base that they can be anchored to.
Decking If you already have a decked area, it is possible to secure your new shed to this – a great alternative if you don't want anything as permanent as concrete or paving slabs.
Purpose-Built Shed Base Most of our sheds have a purpose-built base as an additional option.
Share this post:0000A plastic shed is undoubtedly the easiest and most hassle-free solution to meeting most of your garden storage needs.
One of the main selling points for plastic sheds is that they require no maintenance, once they have been installed. If you want some extra comfort, consider purchasing a plastic shed that features built-in ventilation, as well as windows that can open.

Choosing the right plastic shed requires a bit of planning, but the upside is that you will no longer have to worry about this building, after you have installed it, and hooked it to the power grid. This can be paving, concrete or decking – whichever you prefer – but must be prepared before you install your shed. Make sure your concrete base is the right size and completely level before fixing your shed to it. Again, it is imperative that the base be level before the shed is fixed and the slabs must cover the entire area of the base when used with sheds that do not have a floor. This eliminates any hassle that you may encounter with wooden or metal sheds, which usually require some treatment over time.
Plastic sheds are now treated with special chemicals, which ensure that they withstand sunlight and UV radiations to an extent never before possible.

These buildings are very easy to assemble and erect, and require no further attention on your part once the building process ends.Another thing to remember is that plastic sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which means that they can be used to answer any needs you may have.
Oftentimes, people choose to store their garden tools and bicycles inside plastic sheds, for convenient access.

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