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Published : 25.10.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Leonard Storage Buildings
Most of the outdoor wooden storage boxes double as benches, so users add both a convenient storage solution and a place to gather on the deck or patio.
Customers looking to stock up for the warmer months and enjoy the outdoors have a single online destination. Can be used as a side table or as a childrens chair, table or storage cube this multi-functional storage cube is the ideal accessory for a little ones room.

This 290L polypropylene weatherproof storage box is ideal for storing your outdoor equipment. With a huge storage capacity of 290L the multifunctional outdoor storage box, you can declutter your home and safely store all your belongings in one spot. Made of polypropylene, the box does not rust, dent or peel and it delivers high quality storage for the years to come.

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