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The plastic that sheds are built from is different to shopping bag plastic or drink bottle plastic. Plastic sheds biggest selling point is that they don’t require much maintenance, if at all. Water does not affect the plastic like other materials so in areas with a lot of water, plastic sheds can outlast their competitors.Shed manufacturers are also getting better at making the resin which now does not fade easily. Shed manufacturers tend to make them look like they are from a storybook, some with shutters and imitation slate roofs.

And although they do need a good foundation, they come with a floor which metal and wood sheds typically don’t.
At the very least in the direct heat they become quite hot, but at worst the heat can buckle the panels, leaving gaps for rain and pests to enter.In the extreme cold, the plastic can contract which will leave gaps for any snow or water to get in the shed too. If it’s not installed properly, the doors can be lopsided or won’t close properly.Tip –Plastic sheds must be installed on a flat, level foundation. There is typically no forgiveness in doors and joints, so a small bump or incline can throw your shed out quite a bit.

If the shed isn’t installed properly, it can throw everything else out.Use WD40 or dish soap on the bottom of the walls over the piece that has to click in.

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