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I would also like to hear from other people that have attached Pergolas to concrete to see how they have held up and what they used to attach. Join Date Nov 2007 Location melbourne Posts 44 pergola fascia fixing - newbie Hi everyone, im just a newbie to all of this and would like some info on putting up a pergola.
Join Date Jul 2006 Location Raymond Terrace Posts 30 Originally Posted by ozizu i agree its the little on the shallow side but the mitre10 pergola brochure quotes a post footing dimension of 300*300 and 300 deep.
Join Date Nov 2007 Location Adelaide mitchell park Posts 59 when i did my pergola, i secured extra beams to my rafters using a bunch of bolts.
As for the fence posts If you want to do it aesthetically pleasing and what not and you want to do it right, can't you remove the section of fence around the posts (please say you don't have a good neighbour fence), remove the post, crack the concrete off with a sledge hammer, make the hole bigger and then cement both fence post and pergola post in the same enlagrened hole to the proper specfications. A Verandah, Patio, Carport or Pergola is deemed to be freestanding unless it is attached to an existing house (C) for at least 75% of the length of its shortest side (A), and its longest side (B) does not exceed twice the length of its shortest side.

With massive spans of up to eight metres, the Stratco Outback Pergola is available freestanding or attached to your home. Designed to attach to your pergola as an angled, fixed blade arrangement, Stratco’s Pergola Shade Blade lets the light and breeze in while providing shelter from the sun. Since this one doesnt list size or Pergola or lumber, I am thinking of 2x10's for outer beams and 2x8s for rafters.
I am doing a pitch roof because of my small minute backyard, I dont want a standard straight pergola roof since it will make the area look smaller. The pergola is on the front unit, and the current colourbond fence seperates my backyard and the thin landscaping and driveway. Combine it with other styles from the Stratco Outback range, or use the Sunroof on its own as an awning, pergola, veranda or patio.

Minium specs would be 450X450X450 and 500 depth to bottom of hole i agree its the little on the shallow side but the mitre10 pergola brochure quotes a post footing dimension of 300*300 and 300 deep. Also the mitro10 brochure gives out dimensions for the post footings if later on down the track i cover it up with laserlite etc so I assume there pergola is safe and strong enough for coverage later on down the track.

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