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In fact it looks nicer than some of the houses in your street!The polyethylene (popular form of plastic) is UV and fade resistant so the shed looks good year after year, with no need for sanding, and painting. This Outdoor shed is constructed from western red cedar, this durable storage shed comes with the shingles already attached to the roof for hassle-free assembly.
The 2 x 3 frame construction provides a sturdy structure, This lean-to style shed is crafted from western red cedar and arrives with the shingles already attached to the roof for easier assembly. It’s so big, IT ALLOWS EASY ACCESS FOR LAWNMOWERS, WHEELBARROWS, LARGER GARDEN EQUIPMENT and our taller friends who are often inconvenienced by low shed doors.

It’s great for keeping YOUR TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT DRY, and keeping pests and the weather out.The shed is kept light through two windows and six skylights on the roof. However the natural light isn’t great, and requires bolstering if you did want to spend any decent time in there.The shed can get quite hot in summer if it is in the direct sun, as the air flow panels are small.
The warranty entitles you to a replacement part if any defects impair your use of the shed, although misusing, abusing or negligence on the owners behalf, as well as incorrect installation voids the warranty. A level base is very important for this shed.If left in the heat, the plastic will expand easily.

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