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Published : 29.01.2014 | Author : admin | Categories : Vinyl Garden Shed
The GenShed is designed for portable generators up to 7500 watts (continuous) powered by gasoline, diesel, natural gas or propane. If you do not already have a portable generator, view our selection online by clicking here.
Making your personal soundproof generator enclosure can be a enjoyable and gratifying task. Generator noise can be a large difficulty, specifically in peaceful neighborhoods or campgrounds. You should protect the generator not so much as to protect the outlets, it's more to protect the generator itself. I don't want to build a shed or other shelter for it because I have no room in my driveway.

Also I wanted to double check that it will be okay to just cover the top of the generator only. Does anybody know if the rain is coming sideways will that affect the generator since all sides are open.
Extend the cover far enough to the sides or ends of the generator so that the driving rain will not hit the machine. I have ran the generator in the rain once before but I payed a nice price for my genny so I want it to last.
I am just double checking because if the rain is being blown sideways by the wind alot of water can hit the generator.
I think my best bet is to have my two sawhorses and a piece of wood to go over top of the generator.

I then ran a tarp from hooks on the supports of the shed roof to some poles that I rigged lke spinnaker poles on a sailboat.
I did not want to build a shed because of price and I am afraid that my engine gets to hot and the wood shed will catch on fire.
That way I can move them easily out of the garage when using the generator and back in the garage when it is not in use.

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