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When you want storage shed delivery in Richmond, VA, use 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings as your portable building supplier.
Outdoor TVsIf you have the budget, why not spring for a specialized outdoor TV such as these 32" or 46" models from Sunbrite. Outdoor EnclosuresIf you already have a TV set you want to use, you can buy a weatherproof outdoor television enclosure case such as The TV Shield, available in 30-42" or a smaller 19-26" sizes for around $500 on the low end. 360 Sheds & Outdoor Buildings of Richmond, VA provides storage sheds delivery and installation free within 30 miles of each of our locations.

Specialty outdoor televisions are designed to resist rain, dust, insects, humidity, temperature, and all the other nasty outdoor elements. There are more expensive models and brands, so research carefully, read reviews, and buy where you are comfortable spending.GlareGlare is the biggest enemy of TVs, and even more so outdoors, since there's going to be a whole lot more sunlight than in your living room. We guarantee to provide delivery and installation within 30 miles for every one of our sheds and outdoor buildings. Find the perfect shed for your storage needs at one of our locations near you in Marquette, Gwinn, or L’Anse.

We'd also recommend a dust cover for outdoor televisions, even if it is designed for the outdoors.

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