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The Office—Season 8 aired from September 22, 2011 to May 10, 2012.  The season showed a noticeable slump in ratings, and the season was critically panned for its change in tone.
Andy is planning a garden party at Dwight’s farm to impress Robert California and his family…including his father (Stephen Collins), his mother (Dee Wallace), and his perfect brother Walter (Josh Groban).  Angela and Pam find they both want the name Phillip for their child. Andy decides to take half the office to Gettysburg to teach them how paper selling is like the art of war while Robert California looks for answers to paper selling innovations…from Kevin. Andy is trying to make up his sales difference and finds the office challenging Oscar (Oscar Nunez) and his team in a trivia challenge in a Philadelphia gay bar.  Dwight heads to Sabre headquarters in Florida to try to get a job from Robert California.
Robert California is having to sell his house for his divorce…and throwing a massive pool party.  As Jim tries to quietly exit, Erin works on making Andy jealous by teaming with Dwight, and Robert, Oscar, Gabe, and Toby (Paul Lieberstein) get the full tour from Robert.
Dwight is assigned a special assignment in Tallahassee and must assemble a team.  When Andy rejects Dwight’s team, Dwight tries to turn the office against him.

Andy leaves for Florida to get Erin…without telling anyone including Robert California.  When Nellie moves to Scranton, Nellie sets up in Andy’s office and tries to take his job.
Robert California orders the office to throw a party for Nellie, and Dwight and Jim are forced to unpack for her…leading a discovery of Nellie’s hatred of magicians.  Andy and Erin head back to Scranton but decides to stop off to break up with Jessica leading up to an uncomfortable bachelorette party. When it comes to social commentary, we can always trust South Park to pursue the logical conclusion of any ridiculous train of thought.
The flashy part of tragedy is all the horrible stuff that happens to sympathetic characters, but the thing that separates true tragedy from just a miserablist wallow is the potential for redemption. It's eerily parallel to that of MTV, only much more rapid and with different influences in the later stages. I traded in 30 Rock for shows in which the characters are a little nicer to each other like Modern Family and where the lead character’s feminism holds water in any storm like Parks and Recreation.

My sister and brother-in-law's friends were over with their small children and much of the night's conversation centered around children and parenting. Good parents are especially concerned with the progress of their children, both alone and in comparison to other people's kids.

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