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A common concern with having new hair extensions is how to tell how much real hair you should be losing on an any given day. If you would like to keep track of the amount of hair that you have before applying hair extensions, that is always an option. Take pictures of your hair before applying hair extensions and then compare them to your hair upon removal of the hair extensions 3-4 months later. This entry was posted in Hair Care, Hair Extension Myths, Hair Extensions, Hair Loss & Balding and tagged what to expect, natural hair, hair loss, Hair Extensions on January 18, 2012 by Perfect Locks.
Any wefted hair (temporary hair extensions that are sewn or glued into a person’s natural hair) can shed. Sealing the hair at the wefts before the extensions are installed is an excellent way to avoid the shed. The myth that hair extensions make your hair fall out is hardly true - in fact hair extensions help protect your hair and keeps it healthier.

That way when you take the hair extensions out or get new ones you'll know how much hair you had prior and how much you've lost. You’re bound to get shed from synthetic hair, but the same goes for even the most expensive Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian or Malaysian human hair extensions. Whether you have fusion hair extensions or another type of hair extension, losing your natural hair is completely normal. Give yourself some time to readjust and when the time is right get some new hair extensions and style your hair to perfection!
I will post pic update once I receive and second update after I color my hair and extensions and give my insight on how they feel and how much shedding was invovled when I wore them !!
You are not losing any more hair that you used to before you had hair extensions, it just may seem that way since you are getting used to having more hair. The color I ordered is also a perfect match and no one can tell they are extensions at all!

The goal is to keep your extensions as non-dry and healthy as possible to avoid excessive shedding. BIG mistake, I should have remembered that a lot of times the gurus on Youtube are endorsed or given free extensions (and those extensions being the best they have and most likely not the same quality sold to "regular" people) so of COURSE they will have positive statements! Hair extensions are going to shed simple as that but bellami hair extensions have a lot of hair in them too, they are double drawn.

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