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Outdoor storage sheds should be integrated into the surrounding landscape, since their design will also complement your home. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Luxury Garden Shed Designs, Modern Garden Shed Designs, Modern Garden Shed Kits, Modern Sheds For Sale, Modern Storage Shed. Clear story horizontal and vertical windows allow a lot of natural light into this storage shed. Modern-shed is perfect for storing tools and sport equipment, while can also be converted into a home office or garden studio.

All sheds come with pre-painted parts, T&G wood ceiling, galvanized metal roof, painted plywood floor and more.
We also have our Studio Shed which is insulated and finished on the interior, sky’s the limit for usage. Or perhaps splurge and order a MetroShed, a small sized prefab shed that is delivered flat packed, takes a few hours to construct and is definitely a more modern (and larger) storage space you could also expand into as somewhere to enjoy as additional living space. Built with material that will last, these outdoor storage sheds are designed to fit your contemporary lifestyle, making your home extension a great place to dwell.

And despite their simple appearances, these sheds don't come cheap, especially in the dimensions you've requested (a vertical shed can cost over $1000!). Maybe best bet economically would be to order a shed plan and customize and fabricate your own.

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