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Now, the most important thing to remember when painting a rusty metal shed is NOT to do it in late July in South Texas. Next up was to prime the shed, I used Behr® Premium Plus® Exterior Multi-Surface Primer and Sealer. I used Behr® Marquee™ (in Oat Straw 740C-3) for painting the shed, which is meant for outdoor things that are going to get abused and ignored. Eventually he got it on though, and we’re not going to have to torch the shed like he had been claiming was our only option. We just moved into a home with this exact same shed in the backyard (in the before pictures, that is!) You did such a great job painting this, I need to show my husband and try to convince him now. Wow ,beautiful job ,i would like to do the same may be i will have to buy a spray painter like you .At all ,you apply very well every product and the roof looks pretty good !
By acting as workshops, garages and storage spaces, sheds add to your overall living space and protect your belongings. I'm rebuilding a structure that has a painted roof that is supposed to look like sheet metal.
Jerry, I frequently use corrugated metal on my models because it's a common roofing material in the geographic region I'm modeling. Jerry, for weathered (but not rusty) panels, I generally spray the metal with Floquil Grime or CN Gray. I had other prep planned for the shed, but after cleaning it with TSP we (my mom was helping me with the project) decided that it was good to go.

I had never used a paint sprayer before (so many firsts in this post!) and was hoping it would make painting the shed go really quickly.
Seriously, it took me no time at all the paint the whole shed and the finish was smooth and beautiful.
And while I felt bad that it wasn’t going well, I was also thanking Jesus that replacing the roof was 100% his idea and not something I asked him to do. I’ll have to take some tips from your husband on how to persuade someone to paint a shed! However, a metal shed can become an eyesore after years of exposure to the elements, and what was once a convenient extra building can quickly become an unsightly problem. Press the filler into the surface with a putty knife until it is nearly flush with the metal, then allow it to dry. Flash rust is so-named for the quickness with which it appears on bare metal surfaces, and is the result of small steel particles coming to rest on the shed's surface.
As cjbrock said, the coloring varies quite widely, usually depending upon how old the metal is and how it is being used.
We needed a place to store lawn equipment, paint, and general homeowner stuff, so Adam’s parents offered us an old metal shed that was on their property.
Looking at the pictures of your project it reminds me about doing something similar on the metal buildings that my father has in his backyard especially the shed like one. So the first decision I have to make when I'm going to do a roof is how "old" do I want the roofing to appear.

It's the same gauge metal with the same corrugation spacing as Campbell's corrugated metal. Or, if you're like my father-in-law, you just take whatever size you have on hand and cut it to fit or overlap a couple of pieces to fit and not worry about how the shed roof looks. Since my shed was only lightly rusted I decided sanding it wasn’t necessary and chose to wash it with TSP instead. Taking the original roof off was a really bad idea (sorry baby), but at this point it is what it is! I saw somewhere on the forum where one of you guys did that type of roof and it looked great. In other words, when you remove the roof the walls just kind of flop around and infuriate your husband. So I used Builders in Scale ribbed-seam metal (available from CC Crow) because it reacts differently with etchant than the Rusty Stumps or Campbell's product.

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