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SteelMaster Quonset-style buildings are the best value prefab metal buildings on the market.
SteelMaster's corrugated arch-style steel buildings are fashioned after the buildings named after the town of Quonset Point, Rhode Island where the first manufacturing site for a Quonset hut was located. In the late 1970s, SteelMaster engineered and designed a new, stronger structure based on the historic Quonset hut design. Harold Bottolfson, Gary Wirth, Jack Kane, Warren Klein and friends have built a striking new Quonset hut at Camp Hastings. Twelve years ago, Harold saw one hut in Cottage Grove, Minn., a silent hulk, rattling and rusty, scheduled for demolition. Gary volunteered his shop for cleaning it all up, pounding out the dents, cleaning off decades-old mastic, grinding off the rust. Perhaps the group will store some of its vehicles there: a 1942 Ford GP, an M38A1, M37, several M100 trailers, an M7 Snow Tracker and a 1943 Opel Blitz truck. During WWII, soldiers, SEABEES and engineers constructed the endwalls from the lumber used for carting the Quonset hut parts.
A Quonset building is a lightweight, pre-fabricated structure made of corrugated galvanized steel or iron. Navy officials realized they had a need for an all-purpose, lightweight building that could be shipped anywhere around the world to support troops. SteelMaster evolved the Quonset into a new structure that combines the architectural strength of the arch with 20th century technology that allows the buildings to be designed and engineered to handle all types of climates and conditions.

The steel component of your SteelMaster steel home, on the other hand, can often be completed in just a few days and is absolutely a project for do-it-yourselfers. The unique arch design of our metal homes creates enormous strength; our buildings are strong enough to withstand even the highest wind and snow loads. Our steel is made from over 80 percent recycled materials, and the outside of our steel and metal homes is coated with a product that encourages energy efficiency due to its high heat reflectively. As new as can be, the carefully resurrected bits and pieces of three old, battered, vintage Quonset huts are now salvaged and straightened and carefully assembled as one.
He chased down and found the owner, and secured the hut, free, in exchange for tearing it down and hauling it away, and storing it for some future day. The Living History Museum already has one building there and Steve volunteered to have concrete footings poured as the foundation for the hut. Our Quonset hut kits have been used for applications ranging from homes to hay storage and from garages to aircraft hangars.
In addition, each building is made from commercial grade steel and is engineered to meet the wind and snow loads of your location, making SteelMaster Quonset buildings the strongest Quonsets on the market. The Quonset design was modeled closely after the Nissen hut used by the British during the World War I. Most people erect the shell of their metal homes simply by enlisting the help of several friends. This dry, clear, organic product, called Galvalume Plus, keeps the maintenance on your steel home to a minimum by eliminating the need for painting.

For the men and women of the Camp Hastings Living History Museum in Minnesota, the answer is no. It’s together now, ends in place, windows closed, sealed from the elements and ready for the next 70 years.
Thousands of sheet metal screws, nuts and bolts and nails held them all in place, plus some creative filling of the holes left from the screws and nails and rust from seventy years ago. Contact our team of project specialists today to see if SteelMaster has a Quonset hut for sale that meets your needs and to learn why SteelMaster's Quonset hut price provides the best value anywhere.
Even better, your metal house will likely cost you less than 10 percent of what a traditional house would cost. Then you get a buncha guys, a crapload of tools, and start taking apart what decades of rust and crows and mice and foraging kids didn’t. Because of these qualities, Quonset huts were able to provide much-needed, secure shelter during the war.

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