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We ended up building the arbor around a fence and gate, but the simple, rustic design I came up with will fit into many settings. To keep the project affordable, I used inexpensive pine and Douglas fir for everything except the vertical pieces that will be partially buried in the ground. Start the project by cutting the cross braces, the two pieces that span the top of the arbor. To make the T-shaped supports that provide the arbor’s strength, secure a pair of 2x6s to the top of each of the 4x4 support posts. Make T-shape supports by aligning two support braces with the top of a 424 pressure-treated post.
Bluepring for a simple arbor: Click to see a larger version of this drawing, with dimensions.
To get the arbor in its final position, you’ll need to dig six holes: two for the uprights and four to take the bottom of the side rails.

So when a client with a big idea and a tiny budget wanted me to create an eye-catching arbor for her yard, I jumped at the chance. Then make repeated passes between the two outer cuts, cutting away a little more of the wood each time. Since these 2x4s are there to help support the arbor when you raise it into place, don’t drive the 10d nails in all the way because you may want to remove the stabilizers once the arbor has been erected. To build a wider arbor that is more like a pergola, buy longer pieces for the cross braces.
Unless you’re very lucky, very skillful, or both, the arbor is going to require some adjusting before it’s all plumbed up and leveled.
This is just a decorative touch, so to refine the design, you could make more intricate, curved cuts. But if you plan to build a swing in the arbor, leave the stabilizers; they’ll add needed support.

Use the secured side of the arbor as a fixed reference, and adjust the ­second side forward or back, left or right, or up or down, whatever is ­required to make the posts plumb and the cross braces and support braces ­level. Its tracery lends sculptural elegance to stark, wintry landscapes, and when ­covered by flowering vines in summer, an arbor becomes an enticing bower—a place to linger and visit with a friend, or to rest in cooling shade. Pick a level patch of ground; not only will the arbor look odd if perched on a slope, it will be that much more difficult to position it properly. To help prevent moisture damage to the finished arbor, use galvanized nails; they won’t rust and stain the wood.
You can finish the arbor with paint or stain if you wish, but I think it looks good and requires less maintenance if simply left to weather.

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