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Although our wooden sheds have a floor, we still recommend they are built on a suitable, solid and level base in your garden. Concrete Concrete bases are probably best prepared by a professional, but they do offer a solid, level and permanent base for your shed. Patio Your wooden shed can be placed on an existing patio, or you can lay a new one especially for it.
Ecobase Specifically designed to provide a firm, durable and well-drained platform for garden buildings, the Ecobase is the ultimate base for your new shed.
This Avon Deluxe log cabin comes with standard 34mm Tongue and Groove Cladding Material and Single Glazed Windows. Different Cladding thickness and Glazing Version available on this log cabin, see more in our additional options.
This log cabin comes with 34mm Tongue and Groove Cladding Material and Double Glazed Windows. This log cabin comes with 44mm Tongue and Groove Cladding Material and Single Glazed Windows. This log cabin comes with 44mm Tongue and Groove Cladding Material and Double Glazed Windows. Log Cabins are your number one choice if you’re looking for the most versatile garden building. Perfect for those who love sleek, modern design, our contemporary log cabins are simple, yet stunning - offering a great place to relax in your garden.
There’s a series of Log Cabins for sale to suit any garden or home requirement, ranging from traditional log cabins and corner log cabins to log cabin garages to home office log cabins.

Further benefits of a home office log cabin include reductions in rent, commuting and other expenses, while it also adds a green element to your business and a different location to work outside the home. Take a look at the log cabins we have for sale here at Sheds and start making the most of your garden space! Log cabins are attractive garden structures that can add a great deal to your home, and the really great news is that having one installed needn’t be a time consuming or complicated process.
Log cabin kits include all of the wood, glazing, screws and so on, that you will need for hassle-free self-assembly. It might be that you need some office space, or a playroom for the kids, or even a hobby room; a log cabin is very often the perfect choice of garden building. Log Cabins can be used continuously throughout the year, entertaining guests in the summer and for relaxing in the winter.
With furnishings, ornaments and additional features you can bring your log cabin to life, making it the highlight of your garden and the envy of all your friends and family. Our corner log cabins are specifically designed to do exactly that, offering a comfortable retreat for you and your family.
Shire log cabins are made from high quality pine, harnessing one of nature’s finest materials, and creating a stunning and robust structure that will adorn your garden for years to come.
We have log cabins of various sizes and styles including ones for the corner of the garden. This means that a team of experienced professionals will arrive with your log cabin and assemble it for you. This is because we have to make an arrangement for the professionals to arrive at the same time as the log cabin.

All of our interlocking cabins come with free UK delivery – if you have any questions then please contact us on 0845 838 5676. With just a few essential tools and the instruction booklet to help you, you can assemble your own stunning log cabin in a matter of hours. All you will need is some standard tools and the willingness to do it yourself, and there is every chance you can have a stylish log cabin taking pride of place in your garden in under a day. Plus, thanks to the handy kits, log cabins are perfect for self-assembly – another measure that helps to drive down the costs and speed up the delivery and installation process.
The service includes the safe installation and construction of the log cabin as well as the clearing away and removal of all packaging.
If, on the other hand, you are keen to get your log cabin up and ready as soon as possible, and you’re not averse to bit of DIY, then assembling your new log cabin kit is a lot less hassle than you might think.
Top tip: Lay plastic beneath your Portabase and fill with pea gravel to aid drainage and stop anything growing through and into your shed.
All you need to do is to make sure that the area where the cabin is to be positioned is flat and level – just as you would if you were assembling it yourself. Find out more about the traditional and contemporary cabins, corner log cabins and home offices in our Log Cabins section.

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