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Here's an inspirational project for ambitious DIYers: a rustic, solar-powered weekend retreat outside Melbourne, Australia, designed with Branch Studio Architects and built by the one of owners (a carpenter) himself.
The use of a transportable building, caravan or converted shed for a temporary dwelling is usually discouraged and is usually only permitted once a building permit or DA has been issued for a permanent dwelling on the land.
Sheds can certainly be used for temporary dwellings by ticking the right boxes with councils. The couple were originally seeking a shed for housing a water pump and some farm equipment, as well as for camping out in during their weekend trips to visit their horse, George. Above: In addition to sliding glass doors, the living room has a horizontal window cut out of the plywood, offering tree-house-like views of the surrounding greenery.

Above L: The project evolved from a simple shed to a small house with a kitchen, but the interiors retain the unfinished quality of a shed. Above: A balance of open and closed plywood cabinetry provides casual storage in the kitchen section of the living area. A transportable building, caravan or converted shed for a temporary dwelling is usually limited to a maximum period of 2 years or completion of the permanent dwelling, whichever happens sooner. This entry was posted in living in sheds, Sheds garages carports and tagged living in sheds, sheds, steel, temporary dwellings.
From the living area, the owners can view their horse, George, grazing in the paddock right outside.

Bright and bold colors in the bedroom complement the plywood sheets on the interior and wood planks on the exterior. The Shed was originally built in 1890 and housed a coach building garage owned by two Irish blacksmiths.
We always recommend you consult your local council or private certifier for advice on using a shed as a temporary dwelling whilst you build your home.

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