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It's low and compact, yet spacious enough hold your lawnmower, long-handled tools and all your gardening materials.
Prefabricated outdoor storage sheds eliminate the need for a permanent shed or garage, so they have many benefits for homeowners. Sheds in the Premier collection have gable windows, lockable doors, architectural-style shingles and gable vents.
Before choosing one of the many sheds available, use this prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison between Homestyles vs. These larger prefabricated outdoor vinyl storage buildings are ideal for storing riding mowers, lawn furniture, pool toys and motorcycles. One of these exterior storage systems may be right for your home.Homestyles prefabricated vinyl storageHomestyles produces three different shed collections.

The Select collection is designed for small spaces, so these models are ideal for storing bicycles, standard lawn mowers, garbage cans and gardening equipment. Each model has white trim.Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl storageLifetime Products manufactures garden sheds and tool sheds in several sizes. Each product in this collection is made from durable vinyl, so the sheds are easy to clean and maintain. The Premier collection has sheds of varying sizes that are ideal for use as workshops, swimming pool sheds or potting sheds.
The sheds in this collection are available in blue slate with white doors or tan with chestnut doors.
Homeowners have a number of options when purchasing these sheds, including skylights, peg strips and corner shelves.

Storage sheds made by Lifetime Products range in price from approximately $800 to just under $2,000, so models are available to fit most budgets.Purchasing a vinyl storage shed can help you get organized, but it is essential that you assemble and install this type of shed properly.
If a shed is installed incorrectly, it can collapse, putting you and your belongings in danger.

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